Espresso Machines

Posted on August 24, 2017

There are many different types of machine that make Espresso, but they can be grouped into three main types:

Traditional Italian Espresso Machines

This is the type of machine everyone associates with Italian style coffee making. Used in conjunction with a bean grinder, the 'dose' of ground beans is placed in a holder and water forced through them in a controlled way to produce Espresso. The pressure and temperature of the water is precisely regulated. Traditional machines can have up to four positions where handles are inserted; these positions are referred to asĀ groups.

A good quality traditional machine should have a large boiler and high output elements to enable it to maintain constant temperature and a good output of steam and water. Do not be tempted to economise here or you will be disappointed in the long run!

There is no recipe that a skilled operator cannot make with a traditional machine - it takes practice and some skill but don't worry! We'll be there to help you if you are new to the business.


Iberital machines are manufactured in Barcelona, Spain and have excellent features with good finish at sensible prices. These machines have been designed to be easily repaired and cleverly combine style with function.

The L'ana

The L'ana is a reasonably priced machine that has a full sized boiler with large heating elements. It is excellent value with a better finish than many more expensive machines.

Iberital L'adri Classic

The L'adri has robust construction, lots of output and two steam arms. Attractive curved styling with practical Stainless Steel finish. Automatic version illustrated with dosing control for hot water and volumetric dosing for groups.

Iberital Expression

This is a superb machine with a digital display and superior temperature control technology. Various other features set this machine apart from other Expresso machines, for example, its lever operated steam arms and its specially made filter baskets. The Expression is a perfect machine for those who really care about coffee. Colour choices available.

Iberital Junior and Junior Compact

These are budget machines that allow the caterer to enter the Expresso market at budget prices. These should not be confused with low output domestic equipment; these are real commercial machines.

Bean to Cup Machines

These are automatic machines that make drinks at the push of a button. They have integral grinders and the brewing operation takes place inside the machine. Larger models froth milk, and some models can make a wide range of drinks. These machines require no special operator skills but they do require regular and thorough cleaning, as the milk goes into the machine.

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